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The product line FISCHER cyclepor® is a filling/bulk, based on EPS-regrind (Styrofoam-regrind) according to DIN 16025-1, which is used as thermal-insulating levelling compound. Regrind is made by grinding moulded EPS-parts. Made of disposed parts of the plastics´ industry, in can be reused without problems due to our manufacturing processes.

The raw material EPS (expanded polystyrene) consists of 98% air. Thereby airpop® is 100% waterproof and has as good and reliant insulating properties as no other material.


Optimal product properties

  • Easy to process
  • Optimal height adjustment
  • Heat insulating properties
  • Cold resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Low weight
  • Hardly inflammable

Quality ‘made in Germany’

Our products are produced in Germany, without exception. Quality and sustainable manufacturing processes are first priority here.

Individual Manufacturing

We produce the products of the FISCHER cyclepor® product line according to your wishes. A variable grain makes it possible to adapt perfectly to a large number of different grounds. Our regrinds suit for various scopes of application and are adapted to the specific requirements of our customers. By our quality assurance in our own laboratories, FISCHER cyclepor® guarantees highest quality standards. Suitability tests and product specifications make the package complete.


Possible applications

Adjustment of unevenness such as pipes and lines on raw ceilings.




Substructure for screed with and without underfloor heating.




Even-out and creation of gradients.




Adjustment of timber beam floors, attics, vaulted and concrete ceilings with special static requirements.




Insulation with thermal insulating properties for flat roofs and asphalt floors




Backfill of swimming pools




The products of FISCHER cyclepor® product line consist only of recycled material, that is released according to building approval.


Service- We for you

FISCHER supports you directly at your installation site with competent energy and extensive documentation. The necessary product security towards the builder is transparently ensured.


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