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FISCHER cyclepor® extends building approval!

Secured and proofed quality – thats what the general building approval promises. Marked with the so called Ü-sign. That is the case for FISCHER cyclepor® levelling compound. In February the variations “160” and “600” of  the products FISCHER cyclepor® classic, rapid, TM spezial and TB spezial were certified as an insulation made of cement-bound polystyrene particle foam. Now all mixtures fulfill the construction criteria and the highest quality standards. That was reserved to the variation “400” so far.

The various mixtures, recommended by us and approved by the building authorities, open up a variety of possible applications. While the basic material FISCHER cyclepor® in the mixture „600“ is mixed with relatively much cement and the result is very dimensionally stable, the variant „160“ is characterised by it‘s light weight and the higher insulation value. So the applicant can decide himself which variant possesses the right properties for the planned construction project.

Certified and supervised

The DIBt as german admission office grants general building approvals for construction products and construction methods. It certifies the usability according to the state construction law of the approved products. The state construction law regulates for example storage, processing, the field of application, relevant properties etc.. Products certified with the Ü-sign can be used by the client in construction projects without any problems.

The approval also means, that we, the FISCHER group, have to carry out regular in-house production controls of our products, so that they meet the requirements which we commited ourselves to comply. These controls take place in our own laboratories which ensure the consistent quality of FISCHER cyclepor®. Furthermore there are regular controls, at least two times a year by the Güteschutzgemeinschaft Hartschaum e.V. (GSH). These controls include a preliminary inspection and the sampling of the products, also on an unannounced random basis.

The mixtures 160 and 600 complement the products FISCHER cyclepor® rapid 400, classic 400 as well as TB spezial and TM spezial, which are already approved for some time. Now the same quality standards as in the mixture 400 and the fulfillment of the construction supervision criteria are officially confirmed.

You can find more information about the products FISCHER cyclepor® classic and rapid here:

FISCHER cyclepor® classic FISCHER cyclepor® rapid
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